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Prayer List

Our Church Family

Kendell, Fran & Family

Lake Services

Our Nation

Joe Biden


Federal & State Leaders

Covid Ilnesses

Law Enforcement

Emergency Personell


the Lost



Persecuted Christians



Flu & Colds

Holiday Travel

Gail Mayhew

Clayton Jordon

Casey Legg





Peggy Ashworth

Richard & Deanna Williams

Mark Dupont

Jesse Edwards

Ben Sammons

Gerald Shields

Al Arthur

Charles Fortney

Douglas Doss

Anthony Barbour

Bob & Sue Sizemore

Peggy Cobb

Sylvia Smith

Oscar Bennett

Ricky's Cousin


Robbie Leslie

Amber Dove

Jerry Smith

Jennifer Keatts

Libby Pruitt

Cassie Neville






Fran's Brother Milton

Tom White

Taylor Tosh's Brother

Raelynn Ennis

John Jesse

Diane Doss

Shirley Cassidy

Betty Lawrence

Margie Rowland

Wayne Roach Jr, (ICU in Roanoke)

Carolyn Kennedy

Joe Blair

Michael S.

Rita Gibson

Brionna Ashworth

Landon Hall & Family

Kathy Dalton

​​Bro. Ruel Atienza asks for prayer for his Wife's upcoming March surgery. Also asks for prayers and funding for additional Sunday School rooms.










Nursing Home
R.W. Blair - Gretna 
Virginia Mahan - Gretna
Helen Towler - Gretna
Willaim Doss - Gretna
Doug & Sandra Craddock Gretna
Stover Mayhew - Gretna
Jimmy Dalton - Gretna
Wayne Gibson - Gretna








Levi Burke Family
Jack Shelton Family



































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