Announcements   10/18/2020


*** Note***

Starting Sunday June 28 we will have Sunday School in the main auditorium with social distancing. Teachers will rotate every Sunday.

Church is now open but with social distancing. If you don't want to come inside the church to worship we are still having the "Drive-in Church". Just tune to 87.9 FM on your radio or catch the service on Facebook.

Chapel Services have resumed each Sunday at 9:15am.

Youth Meetings for 5th. grade and younger on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. (Cancelled)

We are having Wednesday night services at 7:00 pm,

Middle and High School Youth Meetings are Sundays at 5:00pm. (Cancelled)

Homecoming and Revival starts November 1 with Rev. Allen Murphy. Please bring a covered dish and dessert that Sunday.

If you have any changes to the Birthday/Anniversary calendar Please see Jesse.


October 18 - Davis Moore

October 20 - Jessica Kidwell

October 21 - Peggy Cobb

October 22 - Adam Layne

October 22 - Becky Fortney

October 23 - Kristi Franklin

October 24 - Kevin Jamerson


Happy Anniversary!

October 20 - Randy & Debra Jamerson

October 20 - Zachary & Cassidy Jamerson

October 22 - David & Jasmine Jamerson

October 23 - Eddie & Kristi Franklin